Supergood Cap

Low Profile Baseball Cap
Embroidered Supergood Logo
One size fits all, Adjustable


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Austria€ 3,00
European Union€ 5,00
Rest of the World€ 7,00


Supergood is an ambiguous movement between product and performance. Purchase this cap to buy Supergood in the format, shape and concept of a hat.

This edition of caps was produced on the occasion of the exhibition Supergood: Diálogos com Ernesto de Sousa at MAAT Museu Arte Arquitetura Tecnologia in Lisbon, Portugal in 2017.

Made from 100% cotton from a probably not 100% sustainable source but embroidered in Berlin through the beautiful synchrony of human and machine.

Silvia, Rita Cêpa, Daniela and Marina wearing Supergood caps were part of the awesome team of exhibition guides we had the pleasure of working with at MAAT. Here you can see them wearing a Supergood cap.

This is Marlene A. Schenk (Supergood VIP) enjoying dairy free ice cream with distinguished grace and joy.

This is Lukas (Supergood CEO) striking a rock and roll pose with a nice chunk of baccalao.

This is the re-enactment of a photograph taken during the production of Naos Estamos Algures, a mixed media exercise in poetic communication, 1969

O teu corpo é u meu corpo is another of Ernesto de Sousas designations, a revolutionary gesture against the fascist division of society

Our exhibition at MAAT was an intervention to render sensible the ambiguity of a corporate cultural institution dressing themselves with the political and poetic oeuvre of an artist like Ernesto de Sousa amidst new forms of capitalist fascism. While De Sousa employed mass-produced graphic arts and performance as measures against oppression and for collectivity, today, images and text representing association and collectivity are used to extract and accumulate capital. What are we doing here, selling you a cap?

Here is a relaxing video you can watch to help you consider your purchase. Welcome to Supergood valley, where your friends are waiting for you.